The net result!

Nets 1 interior designers 0.
For all you doubting Thomas’s out there over recent years the negative publicity given to nets,voiles,voile panels has given rise to a huge backlash. At we have seen a large rise in the demand for all our net and voile curtain products.
Even after the onslaught of so called ‘designers’ trying to signal the end for net curtains by trying to discard net curtains to a past memory with comments such as ‘old fashioned’ ,’untrendy’ even ‘working class’ , nets , voiles ,voile panels are back with vengeance !
Out with ‘trendy Venetian,vertical,roller and panel blinds we seem to be yearning for our roots maybe this is political posturing but we can save this for another blog.
It would seem that an awful lot of people have not been taken in by the media hype surrounding ‘interior design’ and what designers feel we should be doing to our own properties.
Our nets,voiles and voile panels at are very popular due to the fact that there is so much variety available we carry over 50 designs and have price points to suit everyones budget .
So remember never fall into the trap of believing other people know more about your tastes than you do ! The net revolution is once again on the rise and nobody can stop us!!!!

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