Nets and voiles making your home a secure place.

Why is it that people tend to react ‘after the horse has bolted’?
At The Curtain Gallery we have found on too many occasions peoples buying decisions are only made after their property has been burgled, this got me wondering as to why is this?
Most of us spend a life time building up all the things that make up our lives only to have this destroyed because we haven’t given enough consideration to how to protect our homes.
Nets and voile curtains are not only a relatively inexpensive way of adding vital security to your home but are also ideal as an integral part of stamping your own design footprint on your much loved home.
Both nets and voiles are great for this type of security preventing prying eyes from peering through your windows causing both anxiety and consternation.
At we have over 100 different designs of net curtains,voile curtains,voile panels,cafe nets,jardinieres not to forget a range of different blinds from alluminium and wood venetians to vertical,roller and panel blinds.
The really important thing is to keep your home secure! from an inexpensive net to luxury embroidered voile. Obviously the starting point should be budget and in most cases there is a solution for most budgets.
The average gather depending on density required at your window is normally 2.5 times your window size this obviously can be varied depending on what windows and where! For example you might only decide to have 2 times gather on bedroom windows and more on the windows that might be facing roads or paths etc.
Remember voiles because they are woven are more opaque so they are more dense at your window.Nets are knitted and tend to let in a little more light.
Anyhow I hope this gives you some ‘food for thought’ and please do not leave your decision to ‘cover up’ until after its to late!



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