How does Avis make a Venetian blind?

And if you think the answer is ‘poke him in the eye’ You have a sick sense of humour!
Primarily Venetian blinds come in either two materials- Aluminium or wood.
To break this down a little further Venetian blinds are usually offered in different sized slats for both Aluminium Venetian blinds and Wood Venetian blinds. These are as follows-15mm(aluminium) 25mm,35mm,and 50mm.(Aluminium and Wood).For more info take a look a
Well having sold thousands of Venetian blinds over the years the rule of thumb I have established for aluminium blinds and wood Venetian blinds
would be :
Upto 1000mm wide window size 25mm slat
Between 1000 mm wide and 2000 mm wide window size 35mm
Between 1500 mm wide and 2400 mm wide window size 50mm

Aluminium Venetian blinds would be:
Upto 800mm wide window size 15mm
Between 600mm and 1200mm 25mm
Between 1000mm and 2500mm 35mm
Between 1500mm and 3200mm 50mm

These guidelines are by no means set in stone they are just parameters that over a number of years seem to be about right. ( Indeed my partner in The Curtain Gallery has  50mm wood Venetian blinds on a 600mm wide window !!!!).

The blinds industry uses mostly basswood timber and paints or stains the slats to imitate other wood species. It is important that if a  customer seeks to match a wooden blind to their flooring, it is  advisable to first order samples to ensure a match. Should a  blind be made of the actual timber, the name of that product will  include the word “real” eg. “Real Beech”.

When purchasing wood Venetian blinds please be aware of the two types of manufactured wood blinds available.
These blinds are usually imported as a blind in a set size and cut to size in the factory to the customers requirement, this makes the product a lot cheaper but cannot be considered a full MADE TO MEASURE blind
I have to say in THE CURTAIN GALLERY our sales of customised Venetian blinds far outstrips the sales of a fully made to measure blind  although slightly inferior in quality most customers would probably not no the difference.

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