”a whiter shade of pale”

In recent weeks our retail store in Eastcote The Curtain Gallery has had more enquiries regarding cream nets and voiles than at any other time of year.
Why you may ask? I really do not have the answer , any suggestions would be gratefully received . Normally we out sell white nets and voile curtains more than 20 times compared to cream nets and voiles.
The reason for this according to many customers both in ‘The Curtain Gallery‘ and at ‘www.avisnetcurtains.com‘ is multi-fold , firstly a majority of customers consider the ‘comment factor’ this amounts to ‘what the neighbours might think’. People passing by might misconstrue a cream net or voile curtain for a dirty white curtain or even a house where there are ‘smokers’!!!!(Heaven forbid).
This got me thinking are we more concerned about what people outside our own immediate lives think more than what we might really desire? Once again my advice is try not to be persuaded on the basis of unfounded ideas that may never materialise and go with what you really find appealing . If a cream net fits your decor then go with your instincts!!!!
Not wishing to contradict this logic do not be put off buying white nets or voile curtains just because everything seems cream in your room . Often a room starts out with the standard blank canvas cream and beige theme however more often than not ceilings, window frames, skirting and dado rails are kept in white so although one might think nets and voile curtains may need to be cream it might be that white would work equally as well.
Please take a look at our website www.avisnetcurtains.com where you can order samples of both white and cream net and voile curtains.



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