keeping your nets whiter than white.

As a retailer of nets at we over the years have come up with some suggestions on how to look after your nets, voiles and voile panels.
Just a bit of background, when nets are produced the individual polyester yarn is dyed
to its final colour. If the end result is to manufacturer a white net then the polyester yarn is dyed white at the outset.
The original colour of the yarn is often an off white/grey colour and each manufacturer has a slightly different colour “white” it works to (depending on the strength of dye used). This is quite evident as if you were to come into our retail shop ‘The Curtain Gallery’ (187 Field End Road,Eastcote , Middlesex HA51QR) you will be able to see over fifty designs of nets and voiles hanging and everyone of these are slightly different colour white.
Knowing that all these nets and voiles are dyed to there final colour we should treat them as a coloured net or voile. So when washing them from new we at suggest you should use a non biological colour powder the reason being that ‘colour’ powders / liquids do not contain bleaching agents hence holding the colour of the nets and voiles that it is being used for.
It is also advisable to use a whitening product but only from the first time your nets and voiles are washed.
Many customers who come into The Curtain Gallery complain that there nets and voiles do not stay white and look grey , most of the time this is down to either direct sunlight attacking the polyester or the way the nets have been washed. The off white/grey look is how the nets and voiles would probably have looked before they went through the dying process and the washing powder/liquids used has over time ‘stripped ‘ the colour from the nets and voiles .By using ‘colour’ owders/liquids this can be avoided.
I hope this gives you some background and aids you in your quest for ‘whiter than white curtains’.